salon dm3

Donna Means spent more than a decade perfecting her craft at West Coast salon giants before heading east, eventually opening her own hair salon in Athens in 2011.

Her experience and knowledge of the hair and fashion industries, coupled with her desire to create a personalized hair styling experience for her customers, inspired the opening of salon dm3. Celebrated for her innate fashion sense, VIP style, and deep understanding of what looks and feels beautiful, Donna embodies the spirit of salon dm3.

“Making everyone feel and look luxurious is the basis of what we do.”

Nearly all salon dm3 stylists were raised or pursued higher education in Athens – each believe in ”giving back” through local charity commitments – and local artwork adorns the walls; all doubtlessly enriching the boutique with an ambient sense of community.

Boasting some of Athens most talented and creative hair stylists and colorists, salon dm3 stands out with a remarkable dedication to style and service.